(shared with permission because It’s about me)
Today, I had a client stuck in a double bind:
He believed that if he worked hard enough to support his family, he’d be punished for not being too tired, for not giving emotional support or for not being around enough.
He also believed that if he worked just enough to be around and emotionally present, he’d earn less and be punished for not being a good provider.
This is how his life was playing out.

We identified the double bind, 4 trapped emotions and a judgment he held against the person whom he considered to be the one punishing him.

Using swipes with the magnet, we cleared the emotions, the double bind and the judgment.
Following that, we programmed in a new belief to replace the double bind:

NB: I believe my work provides good fruit and I’m rewarded for contributing financially and emotionally to my family life, and marriage.

This new belief is now broadcasting into the multiverse and attracting a better situation for my client.

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