Why should anyone trust IBRT? It's a strange and little known form of therapy.

IBRT is not a type of therapy that’s accepted by the medical establishment. It’s not covered by health car plans.
What good reason would I have to trust it? Why did I choose to train in this one rather than another?

In summer of 2020, I was perplexed about how to overcome some serious physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges in my life. I had discovered Emotion Code and was successfully releasing trapped emotions and feeling better.

I asked a question in a forum about helping people with a very specific challenge and one of these practitioners contacted me and offered me a trial session. I immediately saw a massive wellness toolkit at my disposal if I took this training, so I completed my 5 day workshop and began working at it.

One week later, an old friend, a one time “little brother”, messaged about just having survived a suicide attempt. I talked to him and set up a session with him.
We successfully cleared several issues for him and sent him off with some relief.

Who was I, a rookie at this weird new thing, able to help a guy with such deep rooted issues. I knew I had found a powerful wellness tool.

Today, I serve as a trainer in the IBRT community. I invite trainees who have just completed their workshop to work on me as their first client. I have always received benefits from this process, never harm.
Even the rawest of raw rookies were able to find relevant root issues related to my ongoing wellness problems.

If you want to see what the IBRT process can do for your chronic illness, psychological trap, unhealed emotional wounds, recurring relationship problems, contact me for a trial session.
If you believe being a practitioner is right for you, I can put you in touch with the right person.

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