I created this funny meme soon after I took my energetic wellness training from Robin Perry Braun.
I knew some problems are too deep to just ”Get over it.”
In IBRT, we swipe a magnet over the governing meridian nerve (runs from forehead to base of spine) while while speaking out an intention.
The movement of the magnetic field causes electrons in the nerve to spin and shifts energy along the brain, erasing old programs, much like we erased cassettes in the 80s.
With the magnet swiping again, a new intention can be programmed in.

The energy of the magnet, combined with a focused intention is a powerful tool to clear and reprogram very specific waves in your personal electromagnetic bundle.

If you are curious to try a gentle and effective way to release trapped emotions, or to reprogram your thoughts visit spectrum-ibrt.com or book a session with a certified practitioner here: Book a session


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